Did you know as a CPA you can now originate commercial loans for your clients? 

And if you're not originating loans, you're missing out.

CPA Financial Exchange Group (CPAFXG) is the direct commercial finance network for CPAs and other business professionals. As a member of CPAFXG, you can originate commercial financing for your clients and be compensated for work you are already doing. 

You already put together the financial docs whenever your clients get a loan. Why send your clients to the bank when you can originate the loan yourself?

Whether your client needs a $50k line of credit or a $500MM real estate loan, as a member of CPAFXG you can originate this financing for your clients.

Submit your info today because you'll learn how becoming a member of CPAFXG will provide your clients with better financing while generating additional year-round revenues for your CPA practice.

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